Anti-Human Trafficking Program


Our goal is to provide supportive services to all victims of human trafficking so that they may regain control of their lives.




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Catholic Charities Anti- Human Trafficking program provides a 24/7 response to the needs of victims of all types of trafficking within Palm Beach County. These needs include intensive case management, emotional support, safety planning, and advocacy. The Catholic Charities case manager coordinates referrals for legal services, medical services, repatriation, reunification, counseling services, education and employment services, translation services, substance abuse services, dental services and branding(tattoo) removal. Victims are provided with cell phones, gift cards, food, clothing, and financial assistance to help them create a life away from their trafficker. Case managers also provide transportation to appointments and assist with replacing documentation often lost/stolen while they were trafficked.

Catholic Charities also co-leads the Palm Beach County Human Trafficking Task Force with the Palm Beach Sheriff’s office to enhance collaboration of service providers, law enforcement, and the U.S. attorney’s office.

Client Eligibility: Must be a pre-certified victim of human trafficking within Palm Beach County.

Location(s): Palm Beach County with possible exceptions.



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