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Adoption promotes a Culture for Life


Catholic Charities Birthline/Lifeline Program promotes the alternative option of adoption. Adoption is the loving solution when a mother is experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and cannot parent adequately because of her own age or financial situation. Adoption promotes a culture of life.

Numerous studies have shown that adopted children, teens and adults have positive and productive lives. There are those who have been leaders and even extraordinary people that are involved in sports, music, and community organizations, and who are very happy and productive individuals.situation. Adoption promotes a Culture for Life.

The adoption process has changed and there are options that were not utilized in the past that have facilitated a loving transition from birth mother to adoptive parents. In some cases and by mutual agreement, the mother maintains contact with the adopted child and never loses track of where her baby is and how her little one is progressing.

Visit the Catholic Charities Adoption Services Florida website for general adoption services information and
specific contact information for the Catholic Charities agencies providing adoption services. 

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Adoption Project Speakers Guild

Through its Adoption Project, Birthline/Lifeline’s Speakers Guild works to bring adoption awareness to your parish or parish organization. The speakers share their adoption testimonies, give brief presentations highlighting this alternative to abortion, and also answer questions and provide additional information.

Adoption Project speakers are available from Vero Beach to Boca Raton. To arrange for us to bring the fact about adoption to you, please contact the Birthline/Lifeline Program or our Volunteer Services.


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