2014 General Election: How do Candidates Stand on the Issues?
View the Candidate Questionnaire Project to find out.


The General Election will be held on Tuesday, November 4. Polls will be open for early voting on October 25, although some counties within the Diocese of Palm Beach will open on October 20.  Below is information  that will assist you in casting your vote. Catholic Charities and the Diocese of Palm Beach have made available the Candidate Questionnaire Project, Understanding Amendment 2 and how to find your polling locations. When available, we've provided the information in both English and Spanish.

Candidate Questionnaire Project - Get your copy so you can vote informed!

Each election cycle, the Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops (FCCB) conducts the Candidate Questionnaire Project (CQP) to assist Catholics and the broader community with the obligation to become informed voters. Knowing where the candidates stand on issues concerning human life and dignity and the advancement of the common good is essential to responsible faithful citizenship. Catholic faithful are called to political engagement shaped by the moral convictions of well-formed consciences and focused on the dignity of every human being, the pursuit of the common good, and the protection of the weak and the vulnerable.


To help parishioners become informed on where candidates stand on key issues, the FCCB has polled those running for U.S. Congress, the Florida Legislature, and Florida Governor. Each election cycle, the conference outlines questions of concern to the Catholic Church that will be discussed among elected officials. This year, both the federal and the state legislature questionnaires include eight different questions.


To view/print the hard-copy of the candidates answers, please click here for English please click here for Spanish

*Please note the candidate responses can be downloaded and printed in bulletins and newsletters.


Responses from the candidates are also posted online on the FCCB's website. Should a candidate provide or update their answer past the CQP publishing date, the most current response will be posted online.


To view the candidates responses online, please click here.


Share the Candidate Questionnaire Project! The FCCB has provided on its website candidate answers for each diocese in the Florida. Click here to view the page online or copy this link to email to others: http://www.flaccb.org/CQP/2014/summaries.html


The Questions
The FCCB web page also contains a link to the questionnaires themselves. You can view the questions the candidates were asked.


To view/print the U.S. Congressional Questions, please click here
To view/print the U.S. Congressional Questions Backgrounder, please click here
To view/print the Florida Legislative/Gubernatorial Questions, please click here
To view/print the Florida Legislative/Gubernatorial Questions Backgrounder, please click here


The Florida Catholic newspaper offers additional information on the Candidate Questionnaire Project. Click here to view our diocesan newspaper.


Amendment 2 - Medical Use of Marijuana

One of the issues Florida voters will be asked to vote upon on Election Day is Amendment 2 which would allow the “use of marijuana for certain medical conditions.” The Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops encourages all voters to take a closer look at the amendment.

Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops urges voters to carefully assess the risks involved with legalizing marijuana through an amendment to the Florida Constitution.


To view/print Amendment 2 - Concerns Require a Closer Look, please click here for English

To view/print Amendement 2- Concerns Require a Closer Look, please here here for Spanish


Voting Location Information

Early voting begins in Florida on October 25, although some counties will start Early Voting sooner. That is true for the five counties in the Diocese of Palm Beach.


Early Voting Dates by Counties in the DPB:
Indian River: Oct. 21 – Nov. 1
Martin: Oct. 20 – Nov. 1
Okeechobee: Oct. 20 – Nov. 1
Palm Beach: Oct. 20 – Nov. 1
St. Lucie: Oct. 20 – Nov. 1

Specific dates, times and locations for early voting in each county can be found on the state website.

Click here for the English version of early voting locations

Click here for the Spanish version of early voting locations


Not certain which county you live? You can use the city and county locator found on the state’s website to find it.


The Offices for the County Supervisor of Elections:
Palm Beach County
Martin County
St. Lucie County
Indian River County


For voting information and assistance, including election dates, early voting, precincts and Supervisor of Elections, call the Voters Assistance Hotline listed below. It is open Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. EST.

  • Voter Assistance Hotline (in English and Español) Toll Free 1-866-308-6739
  • The toll free Voter Hotline number for people using TTY is 1-800-955-8771

You may also visit the state’s voter registration web page.


Statement from the Florida Bishops Encouraging Catholics to Vote

The Florida Bishops have issued a statement encouraging Catholic faithful to form their consciences and vote in the upcoming election on November 4. 

"The Church affirms that every Catholic is called to prayerful, active, and responsible participation in the political process. Therefore, we urge all Catholics who are eligible, to register and vote, while being faithful to what is truly authentic and supporting that which best serves the common good," begins the bishops in their statement.


To view full statement online, please click here.

To print a hard-copy of the full statement from our bishops, please click on a link below:

please click here for English    please click here for Spanish


Election & Political Activities Guide

Only the Candidate Questionnaire Project has been approved by the bishops of Florida to be circulated at parishes, school and on diocesan property. Additionally, the bishops of Florida approved and created the Election & Politicial Activities guide for pastors and parishes. It is intended to encourage Catholic clergy and laity to facilitate the involvement of their faith communities in appropriate election related activities. These activities are designed to increase parishioner interest in the policy issues that will characterize election year debates, to focus their attention on candidate positions, and encourage them to exercise their right to vote.

Click on one of the links below to view or print the Election & Political Activities Guide in English or en español.

Other Helpful Links:

  • Catholic Charities' additional election web page  (View web page)
  • USCCB: Political Activity Guidelines for Catholic Organizations (View website
  • Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship produced by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
    This is a call to political responsibility from the Catholic Bishops of the United States with Introductory Note. (View guide)
  • USCCB: Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship (View website)



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