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The Catholic Charities Interfaith Health and Wellness Program is committed to the education of Registered Nurses who are serving our community through their affiliation with churches, temples, mosques and other faith-based initiatives, and works to promote the holistic care of the body, mind and spirit. The program envisions faith-based communities where all individuals, across boundaries and diverse populations, have access to healthcare and basic support services, irrespective of religious affiliations, age or income, with the outcome of physical, mental and spiritual health that ultimately embraces individual and community wellness.

A key component of Interfaith Health and Wellness is its Faith Community Nursing program, also known as parish or congregational nursing, which provides critical health promotion and maintenance within the context of the values, beliefs and practices of a faith community, and healthcare assistance by assisting individuals who might not be receiving the care they need. During the month of June, the program offers a Foundations of Faith Community Nursing course which provides Registered Nurses the education and support to create health ministry programs in their respective congregations.

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Mentoring Program

The Interfaith Health and Wellness Program provides a mentoring experience that integrates the Faith Community Nursing theory with practice in a faith-based relationship in which both the Mentor and novice Faith Community Nurse strengthen their spiritual and professional skills based on mutual trust, security, confidentiality, respect and professional sharing.

Mentors and mentees meet at mutually agreeable times and within a time period that fosters a positive outcome – a great opportunity to interact with colleagues and increase your education within a timeframe that works for you.


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